Plant-for-the-Planet Seattle Premiere Week

SIFF CINEMA  HBO s  Saving My Tomorrow   Eventbrite  HBO Premiere “Saving My Tomorrow”

Wednesday Dec 3rd @ SIFF Uptown Cinema

6:30pm red carpet, 7:00pm show

You must Reserve Complimentary Ticket online to attend. The show is overbooked, so Arrive at 6:30pm.


   December Meeting

Friday Dec 5th, Good Shepherd Center

7pm – 8:30pm ambassadors plan for Saturday’s event  & play outside (weather permitting)



2013-04-20_12-42-00_146  Plant-for-the-Planet Ambassador Protest Day

Saturday Dec 6th, (Westlake or Seattle Center)

Ambassadors need bold action from leaders at the United Nations COP climate talks in Lima Peru Dec 1 – 12 to set the stage for an all-new climate agreement in Paris 2015. Ambassadors will educate the public at a festive site.

Saturday is a great tree-planting day to get out and volunteer!

Details To Be Announced at Wednesday’s Premiere, Stay Tuned


green wrist bands   Climate Silence Now!

  “If we act like leaders, then leaders will act.” An 11-year-old Earth Guardian in Colorado took a vow of silence and needs your help to spread the word and end the climate crisis. Tell your friends to tell their friends before December 10th, the Day of Silence. Wear a green band and post a picture online to show your support. Spread the word now.

Visit to join the action.


Thursday Dec 4th, Governor Inslee hosts a luncheon with guest Al Gore. A generous donor is sending a group of eight P-f-t-P Ambassadors to share a moment with two climate champions. We expect a full report soon.


Billion Tree Campaign postcard Front&Back   Got Trees? Washington’s Billion Tree Campaign needs you

Take a moment at the end of year to give online to plant trees overseas. 150 trees only cost 150 Euros ($200 US) on the website to reforest a plantation in Mexico’s Yucatan. Many groups plant all over the world, so don’t hesitate. Start planting today.

Or if you’d rather make a tax-deductible donation to “Climate Change For Families” to support local tree planting and Ambassador activities in Seattle, Contact Michael or Rich.

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