Governor Inslee Listens to Plant-For-The-Planet Ambassadors

Oct 28th, 2013

At the Governor’s Legislative and Executive Workgroup public hearing on Wednesday night, two ambassadors for climate justice walked up to the front of a standing room only crowd of 500 people and many elected leaders, to speak up for future generations on the climate emergency.

Ambassador Stella (10 years old) speaks to the Governor’s CLEW hearing  click for video

Ambassador Zoe (12 years old) addresses the Governor’s CLEW click for video

The Governor sat at a raised table only a few feet away, so we know he heard them loud and clear. It was a special opportunity to address the leaders who will formulate Washington State’s first climate action plan to meet our emissions targets.

But it was a special night for Zoe and Stella too, a school night.  As she and her sister were leaving the building  Zoe realized she had an essay due the following day. She joked that she would need a note from the Governor.  Just at that moment, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn walked up the stairs. Stella walked right up and said, “Excuse me sir, my big sister needs a note for her teacher because she gave a speech on climate change for the Governor tonight. So she won’t get her homework finished in time.” To his credit, Mayor McGinn, a father, replied, “Who’s got paper?”

Speaking of writing notes, you can write your note to the EPA on tough climate protections against coal power plant emissions.

p.s. The Mayor’s note worked. Zoe got her homework turned in with a one-day extension. Thanks to Mayor McGinn and Governor Inslee for being climate heroes!