MindDrive: High Schoolers Build an Electric Car (VIDEO)

When I was just a freshman in high school I saw a picture in a magazine of a car that drove only on electricity. Since I grew up in a refinery town along the Houston Ship Channel, the oil capital of the world, it took me a while to figure out why you would even think to build an “electric” car! That seemed about as crazy as “barefoot” shoes, a car that didn’t run on gas! That didn’t make any sense. At first. But once I got it into my head, that you could drive around all day, never go to a gas station, plug into your house at night, no refineries, no oil imports, no tailpipe needed, the idea stuck with me. I wanted one.commuta-car The magazine said I could buy one in a showroom in 2 years, and that was when I was going to get my driver’s license. I was so excited! I told everybody I was going to be the first kid in Texas with an electric car! But the showroom never showed up. And I bought the first of a dozen gasoline powered cars I have owned in my lifetime.

Now, instead of waiting for a showroom to show up, watch this amazing video of what the high school students in Kansas City are doing. You’ll love it!

Now they are headed to DC! Give them the support they deserve and we’ll see more and more programs like this all over the country!

These students are ready to transform transportation. Electric cars can drive on clean fossil-free electricity from renewable wind and solar. Upend the oil industry. Move over coal and gas. Clean conversions are here.

The climate solutions are all right in front of us, if we will only take the initiative to make them real today.