Fossil Fuel Exports on the Columbia River?








Banner drop “Coal. Oil, Gas, None Shall Pass”  Columbia River protest against Fossil Fuel Corridor

from Earth First! News

Saturday July 27th, 2013, in a day-long affair involving hundreds of activists, the Portland Rising Tide and collaboration, Summer Heat, went off yesterday without a hitch.

Activists congregated in the morning at the Vancouver Landing in Vancouver, Washington, where  this week port authorities approved a terminal to ship hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil carried on trains from the Bakken Shale.


Hosting info sessions about secret corporate trade agreements, direct action, and infrastructure resistance, the event carried a festive air into the early afternoon. By 3pm, around 250 activists in more than 100 boats took to the river for a symbolic blockade and massed under the Columbia Bridge.

Hundreds more activists gathered on the bridge, and three climbers repelled down with a long, transparent banner that read, “Coal, Oil, Gas: None Shall Pass.”

The crowd that came out to the protest showed that they will not be intimidated.


Police presence was relatively minimal at the protest compared to other Rising Tide and Occupy actions that have occurred. Nobody was arrested, and the message was sent: Expect Resistance.

Summer Heat was only a high point in what has been a long, hard, and in many ways successful struggle, which has seen three three proposed coal terminals shut down so far.  Today, Portland Rising Tide looks invigorated, confident, and more dedicated than ever to the mission of stopping climate change.

The Green Boat by Mary Pipher


Mary Pipher's new book is a wonderful description of the trauma, anxiety, joy and comfort of facing the impossible by coming together to take action against the odds.
Mary Pipher’s new book is a wonderful description of the trauma, anxiety, joy and comfort of facing the impossible by coming together to take action against the odds.


Living on Earth: Saving Ourselves- The Green Boat

Click on the link above to listen to “Living On Earth” radio interview with Mary Pipher, best-selling author of Reviving Ophelia, as she describes her inspiring journey into activism, and discusses her new book, The Green Boat, Reviving Ourselves in Our Capsized Culture. In her interviews, her actions, and in her book, she says it much better than I can, so check your speaker volume and tune in.

A grandmother herself, Mary Pipher turns her attention to the psychological roots of our difficulty in facing and addressing climate change, and to her own struggle against despair, trying to cope with the impending loss of everything we care for, which led her to take action in her community.


Now enjoy Video (below) of the Grandmothers Apple Pie Brigade, a group Mary Pipher helped found with her friends and neighbors to take on the Keystone XL pipeline when it came to her home in Nebraska. An unlikely group of activists comes together to spread a unifying vision of what makes home.

“Demonstration” of civil disobedience (VIDEO)

We need to be out in the streets. For Them. To stop the one problem that threatens LIFE as we know it.

Moms Against Climate Change ‘Demonstration’ from 567vfx on Vimeo.

If they knew, our kids would teach grownups to clean up our mess, to sharpen our fuzzy awareness of their climate emergency. The actions we take today quite literally shape the world they inherit. The generation born in this new century will barely be able to drive or vote or drink, when they pass the final threshold of irreversible CO2 and the chance to do something meaningful about climate change has gone. If we start now, drastically and with great effort, we might do the impossible. If we don’t try, what will we say to them, and the next 7 generations.

We grownups need to use care to reinvent and rebuild our lives, our food, our work, and our energy in ways that leave a world for our kids. And it’s not enough to reduce my own footprint. I’ve got to help you reduce yours. You’ve got to help everyone you know. Our only chance at large-scale change requires all of us helping each other change.

Children, direct and guide us, the grownups, to live for tomorrow now.

This weekend the Columbia River Climate Action will protest the plans to expand fossil fuel exports on the Columbia. “Portland Rising Tide” is hosting a teach-in, music, speakers, and ACTION on the river this Saturday. See the calendar (at right) for more details. If you are in the Portland-Vancouver area, or want to ride a bus down for the day, make your voice heard by joining together to put a stop to the new coal, LNG, and tar sands export schemes.

“I think [the video] shows grownups that they shouldn’t let their kids do it alone. And if their kids are going to go out and do it anyways, why can’t they go, too? We’ll all be better off if we do it together.”   — Stella, Age 9  (After watching the video “Moms Against Climate Change – Demonstration“)