Plant trees for climate justice and Climate Education Week on 12/05/2015

Hazel Wolf K-8 Plant for the Planet invites you to take part in the climate crisis solution. Join us!

Download this PDF formatted flyer: PFTP Climate Ed Week Flyer 2015-11 for Hazel Wolf K-8

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Dec 10th Climate Silence Now, by Wren

Itzcuauhtli is an 11 year old climate activist.  His older brother Xiuthezcatl helped start the Earth Guardians program in Colorado. The boys have been speaking, rapping and spreading the word about climate change to every child and adult they can, like they do in HBO’s “Saving My Tomorrow”. They marched in the front row of the People’s Climate March in NYC.

But Itzcuauhtli realized that speaking wasn’t going to cut it.

He made the decision to take a vow of silence until the politicians and leaders of our planet started to take notice and help us on our mission of reducing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere.  Itzcuauhtli has been completely silent for 45 days.

On Saturday December 6, 2014, Climate Justice Ambassadors from Plant for the Planet in Seattle stood in support of Itzcuauhtli.  We went silent for 1 hour and held a silent protest downtown with a large sign bearing the message, “Stop Talking, Start Planting” and green tape over our mouths.  We also had a donation bag to collect donations from the public, each dollar donated planted one tree. In one hour we collected $29 total! plus we shared brochures and raised awareness for trees and climate action.


If you want to help Itzcuauhtli’s cause, please wear a green bracelet on Wednesday December 10th, Human Rights Day, and post your picture online to show your support.  To do our part we will continue to share these protests in the future!

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ed. –United Nations climate talks in Peru December 1 – 12 must take a major step forward as delegates lay groundwork for an entirely new climate treaty in Paris 2015. Forests and Climate Justice have been a BIG DEAL so far this year. Itzcuauhtli has kept silent, looking for leaders like you and me to show officials how to lead.

Learn HERE how you can help on December 10th, Human Rights Day, wherever you are on Earth.